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Marketing and PRoMoTioN

Let them know you're there. Let them know who you are. If there is a place to put your logo, we can personalize it for you.

Our Team

Each member of our team has been meticulously selected, to assure our ability to provide first-class service to our clients. With over 40 years collective experience, each team member holds at least a Bachelors Degree in their area of expertise, and at least five years of practical experience in their field.

The team includes Graphic Artists, Web Designers and Developers, Video Editors/Producers, and Copywriters, to bring you the highest possible quality service, Concept-to-Completion.

Client Responses

Here's what some of our clients have said...

Photo - John Kageleiry

John Kageleiry

Principal, Verium Planning & Asset Mgt.

Creative and responsive to my thoughts and questions. A good partner in a project you need done right.

Photo - Denis Nurmela

Denis Nurmela

Executive Director - YESplace

Brian is a very diligent and intelligent artist who is tenacious about solving problems. He is also very creative with his ideas. I have been impressed with websites that he has programmed and designed

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are asked most often, and the answers.

How much do you charge for a website?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. And the answer is, "Let's talk about your project." Because without doing so, we simply don't have enough information to give you an accurate quote. As example, it wouldn't be fair to charge the client who only needs a simple two or three page informational site the same price that we would charge the client with a large e-commerce site.

We start out by talking with you; asking questions, getting to know you and your business, and to help us understand your needs. Once everyone is clear, and in agreement as to the scope of the project, then a proposal is generated. We believe this is the most fair way to do business.

"[Another designer/company/site] charges less than you. Can you match their price?"

We believe in doing quality work, for a fair price. Yes, someone else may complete your project for a lower rate, but you have to understand that everything is relative. If you go to a Ferrari dealership and talk to them about buying a car, they're going to quote you a price just under $200,000. If you go to the local Hyundai dealership and talk to them about buying a car, they're going to quote you a price around $20,000. But I doubt that you would then go back to the Ferrari dealer and ask them to match the Hyundai dealer's price. Why? Because you're not making an equal comparison. While they are both "cars", a Hyundai and a Ferrari are clearly in two different classes.

Whether you get a relative to handle your project for free, or you go through some website, and get a high school kid with a pirated copy of Photoshop to do it for $5.00, or you hire an "offshore" designer at $6.00/hour or pay a high-priced consultant $500.00/hour, you’ll probably get what you paid for.

Clear back in the fifteenth century, Gabriel Bell was the first to say, "You get what you pay for." and today, in the twenty-first century, it is still true. In the 1970's, Bell Helmets (No relation, that we're aware of) used the slogan, "If you've got a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet..." indirectly asking the question, "What is your head worth?" When you're in the market for Visual Communications creation, you should ask yourself, What is your business worth?

"I really like a particular [logo/website/etc.] can you change the colors and wording, do one for me like it?"

When we begin any new project, we ask the client to look around and share with us styles and designs that they like. This helps us to understand their vision for the project. That said, it is important to be clear that there is a difference between taking styling cues from another project, and directly copying it. The design you are looking at is copyrighted work. It is the property of another artist, and/or another organization. As such, any designer you could hire cannot legally duplicate someone else's work. To do so would be in violation of copyright laws, and make both the designer duplicating the work, and the client retaining them to do so legally liable.

      In order to use ANY photograph, drawing, or any other type of image, you MUST have legal, written permission from the copyright holder.

Now that being said, let me be clear, if there are particular styles that you like, let us know. While we can't and won't copy the design, we can use the style of another project as a guide in creating yours.

Some of our clients